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Sammy's Adventures
February 11-28, 2005

Sam's 2nd Week
February 6-10-2005
2 Movies of First bath uploaded 2-12
Baptism Weekend & Easter
March 19-30,  2005

Dad/Sammy Page, mostly
February 5, uploaded Feb. 10

SamCam : March Adventures
updated 3-12-2005 with movie

Sam's First Week or So
2-5-2005 update

Sam's Homecoming!   1-29-2005
1-29-2005 update

Sammy's Birth Day & Hospital Stay
1-27-2005 night update
Off to the hospital!
1-27-2005 morning update
Skene Clan pages:

Port Townsend Floats that Float
and Crazy Hat Day 10-7-2006
Cathie to CA Reunion
2005 Washington Browsings 2-26-2005

3-04 LA Marathon  11-02 Cousin Robert Memorial
Coronado to Washington State
May 04 Italy (site not up yet) 11-03 New York Marathon  6-03 Peterson Memorial N6DAC
Christmas 2004
 3-30-04 Athenaeum 10-99 Mohawk Marathon 10-17-2000 Granny Dot
11-2004 Balboa Park, San Diego 
'03 Christmas   3-03 Boca with Leslie 1998 Uncle Alf  W7SV
2004Thanksgiving Photos from Bill  2-8-03 Alli in Cali 8-02 Doug's Move to NYC Dave and Alli's website
2004 Coronado Thanksgiving 8-4-02 Birthday 6-2000 Tuckers Move Doug and Robb's Zephyr Partners

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Oli's home   2004
Alli's immediate family at 1st Anniversary celebration (12-28-02) in NY:
Bro Doug, Aunt Christine, Dad Bill, Hubby Dave,
Bride Alli , Mom Oli, Uncle Tom.  All the CA relatives are missing  :(

Immediate Family  early 1970S
 Oli's Mom and Dad at top
Bill and Oli
John and Pris (Oli's sis)
Skene (Oli's bro) and Pam

Some Extended Family    Christmas 1967
Auntie (bottom-left) 1880-1972 is sister of Oli's paternal grandpa.
Auntie's children: (1) Tuck (top right)  1911-1985 married Roberta (bottom 2nd from left)
1911 - 1994  who had 2 children with one in photo, Rob wearing glasses; Roberta's mom is Mellie Denny in pink dress bottom right. (2) Robert Skene   (salmon colored sweater in middle)
who  married Martha Lou and had 2 chidren,  Brian (2nd down from top on left and
3rd from top on left). 

William Skene  (bottom row middle) 1910-1975, married Ruth (2nd from
top on right) 1913-1989 who had 3 children, Oli (top middle) married  Bill R.
who is taking the photo,  Skene (standing right) with fiancée Pam; Priscilla (top
left).  Bill R's dad Ken (3rd from top on right) 1905-1992 and his wife
Dorothy (2nd row from bottom in aqua) 1909-2000.


Dave and Allison (Eames)
  Married 12-31-01, this is celebrating
their 1-year anniversary 12-28-02
at the Gideon Putnam Hotel, Saratoga, NY


Oli at Skene Manor,
Skenesborough, NY, 1/3/02

Oli's son Douglas Skene and Mary

Oli's daughter Allison Eames and Dave

San Diego  4-2003

Allison and Doug's Dad, Bill

Granny Dot, Bill's mom
12-30-1909 to 10-17-2000

Oli's sis Priscilla (Auntie)
Uncle Jack
g'pa and Isabelle
Grandpa John with great granddaughter, Isabelle
Deborah & Andrew

jesse and hannah

Jesse and Hannah


Auntie Pam
Oli's sis-in-law Pam

Skene, Oli's brother

Robert Skene (Robb)

Leslie Diane and Chad
Married April 2, 2001

Michael Scott

Our Aunt Cathie &
her kids - our cousins, and
their kids !

Son of Alf & Cathie

Ann and Bill W7QT
Daughter of Alf & Cathie

Jarrett KB7OWP


Maryl and Tom
Daughter of Alf & Cathie

. . . to Columbia U in Sept., 2002!


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