New York Marathon

November 2003

After running about 50 marathons, Tom, at 67,  makes it into the NY City Marathon.
His nephew Doug, who lives in Lower Manhattan, and sis-in-law from CA
met him at the finish line.

We're only a few feet from finding each other at Central Park . . .

But it was our cellphones which helped us --  "Tom, I must be only a few feet from you. I'm standing next to the guy with the guitar!"

5 hours  40 minutes and ready for dinner!  You're looking at Tom and Doug

Collecting all the gear.

Wearing a distinctive backpack, thinking it
might help us find him.

Dinner at My Favorite Bistro

Subway ride (Tom's first) to the train station where
he heads to NJ to hook up with brother Bill. 

Back to Doug's living room in Lower Manhattan to celebrate. (yup, that's
 "my" bed on the floor, and it's very comfy.