Mohawk-HudsonRiver Marathon
Schenectady to Albany, October 17, 1999
October 17, 1999

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As I write this, it's just over 24 hours since I crossed the finish line, and an understanding of what it means to have run a marathon is beginning to emerge.  Here are my initial impressions: 

  1. It's more painful than any other experience to date, including getting thrown from a horse onto a fallen tree (i.e. I'll be enjoying this accomplishment for a while!), 
  2. I already knew I was blessed with uncommon grit and determination so it wasn't really necessary to further confirm this knowledge, 
  3. Tom's expertise was critical to survival (only one blister!), 
  4. Sharing this experience with Tom was more valuable than the experience itself,
  5. And I appreciate my family's support despite their feeling that this had clearly crossed the line of sanity!  Thanks Dad ("Chief Planning Officer"), Tom ("Chief Race Officer"), Ted ("Chief Transportation Officer"), and Mom, who was in California praying the whole time.
Link to the map and elevation chart:
Pb150099t.jpg (6672 bytes)

Uncle Tom and Allison on our way to the Macaroni Grill to feast.

Planning the "mission."

The secret:   2 cans of Ensure Plus, spray Air Zoin on the feet, Skin Lube on the heel and ball of the foot, talcum powder between the sock and the shoe, and Body Glide elsewhere to prevent chafing.   (It's 5am, by the way!)

Pb160107t.jpg (7407 bytes)

The start...I'm jumping to stay warm.

Pb160121t.jpg (6643 bytes)

About 5K into the experience...

Pb160131t.jpg (9582 bytes)

Following Tom to learn his technique.

Pb160155t.jpg (8205 bytes)

The trees were gorgeous.

Pb160160t.jpg (11589 bytes)

My Jetta and our "pit crew" popped up 5 or 6 times throughout the course.  We were never short of water or Gatorade.

Pb160163t.jpg (8865 bytes)

Tom scarfing an orange at mile 21.

Pb160165t.jpg (6379 bytes)

I'm still smiling at mile 21, but I hit the wall 50 yards later. I didn't even hear Dad calling my name as I tried to open and inhale my Power Gel (below).

Pb160167t.jpg (7765 bytes)

Tom powering up the last hill.

Pb160169t.jpg (6920 bytes)

I'm feeling great now!

Pb160170t.jpg (8798 bytes)

Gotta have the "hardware" :)

Pb160172t.jpg (8232 bytes)

Tom and I finished 6 minutes apart.

Pb160173t.jpg (7909 bytes)

Still smiling...what an experience!

Pb160176t.jpg (5873 bytes)

Massage face!

Pb160179t.jpg (8637 bytes)

They had a rough day, too, trying to calculate mph to meet us, navigate closed roads, and get coffee!  I threw them a curve  and picked up speed the last 5 mi.

Pb160181t.jpg (10906 bytes)

Only one blister, thanks to Tom's formula for survival.  That particular toe was a lost cause anyway.

Pb170182t.jpg (5467 bytes)

The morning after ;)  But finally, a night of sleep with no dreams!

Pb170183t.jpg (3820 bytes)

Sure I can walk...

Pb170185t.jpg (9878 bytes)

The infamous mile 21 Power Gel...110 calories a pop, with 25 mg of caffeine.  I was so gone I couldn't figure out how to open the dumb thing.  I finally just ripped into it and struggled to squeeze the goo into my mouth.  Then you chug 6-8 oz of water and keep going.