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2004 Coronado Thanksgiving - Early Christmas - Baby Shower
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Coronado's view of San Diego !

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Families reunite!
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We're gathering at the Ferry Landing for lunch.  Allison
is Oli's daughter with her brothers-in-law.
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Where's hubby Dave?  He's on the aircraft carrier
in the background, and transitioned flawlessly
through Thanksgiving, back and forth
from the ship to taking the helm at family festivities.
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It's all about perspective!
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Bill, what a treat!  Italian!  Thank you!!
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Spaghetti night!  Heather.
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Tom from New Mexico, Gail upstate NY and
Steve from Tallahassee, FL.

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Hot tubbing night after night.
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Poker kept happening.
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Allison's invitation and menu.
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Some haven't arrived yet --- we're still  missing about 4.
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Let the cooking begin . . .  it was all done the day before BOB.
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Oli does the turkey baths.  Who's in
charge of getting them to the beach anyway?
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Pumpkin bread and pies.