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Baptism  Weekend
March 19-21, 2005
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3-19-2005FromOliPoulsboDanPamLeslieMakena (1).JPG

3-19-2005  Godmother Leslie arrives from Spokane
3-19-2005FromOliPoulsboDanPamLeslieMakena (2).JPG
Pammie, Leslie's mom, with Makena, one of her
grandchildren..  Pammie came up from So. Cal. to
give the family's newest grandchild a hug!
3-19-2005FromDan (9).JPG
Leslie and Makena
3-19-2005FromOliPoulsboDanPamLeslieMakena (4).JPG
Pammie, Alli and Makena
3-19-2005FromOliPoulsboDanPamLeslieMakena (7).JPG
Makena and Alli - a pretty big bundle compared with . ..
. . . Sammy and Alli
3-19-2005FromOliPoulsboDanPamLeslieMakena (8).JPG
Leslie and her Godson, Sammy.
3-19-2005AlliCameraFishFry (5).JPG
Oli and Makena
3-19-2005FromDan (4).JPG
Oli and Sammy
3-19-2005AlliCameraFishFry (2).JPG
Feast prep - Dave and beer battered cod.
3-19-2005AlliCameraFishFry (1).JPG
Oli helping with home made garlic french fries.
3-19-2005FromOliPoulsboDanPamLeslieMakena (10).JPG
Dave, what can we say?  You're THE BEST!

3-19-2005FromOliPoulsboDanPamLeslieMakena (11).JPG
Pammie, Dan, Dave, Alli, Makena (hidden) and Leslie.
3-19-2005FromOliPoulsboDanPamLeslieMakena (13).JPG
Makena, Leslie, Oli, Pammie, Dan, Dave.
3-19-2005FromOliPoulsboDanPamLeslieMakena (15).JPG
Making the most out of the last drop!
3-19-2005FromDan (6).JPG
Makena and Leslie
3-19-2005AlliCameraFishFry (3).JPG
The "after party" begins . . . Alli is down for
the night, but listening to all the hilarity.
3-19-2005FromOliPoulsboDanPamLeslieMakena (16).JPG
Pam, Dan, Dave, Leslie.
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