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Baptism  Weekend
rch 19-23, 2005
Big windstorm . . . power out from 1:30 a.m.  to
mid-afternoon on Baptism day!  Dave's plan was
best --- stay tucked in!

3-20-2005AlliCameraPowerOutPajamaParty (1).JPG
The rest of us had a pajama party!  But, no coffee???
The entire Sound was "out" so the restaurants
didn't even have coffee.
Dan to the rescue!  He figured out how to light the stove without ignition,
and raided the garage camping gear for a percolator.  Yea, Dan! 
We cooked the egg-cheese casserole on the BBQ. 
"Roughing it" was great fun.
3-20-2005AlliCameraSammy (6).JPG
Sam was in his element.  There were tons of people
here to play with him, and he loved every minute.
3-20-2005FromOliSamBaptismOliCamera (2).JPG
At the Bangor Chapel --- and that's MY
son-in-law of whom I am so proud, and thankful
 that my daughter is in his good care.
March 20, 2005
3-20-2005FromOliSamBaptismOliCamera (4).JPG
We're on our way to the baptism.
Sammy is snuggled in to a frivolous little grandma
purchase --- a bunny cape!  :)

3-20-2005FromOliSamBaptismOliCamera (6).JPG 3-20-2005FromOliSamBaptismOliCamera (8).JPG
3-20-2005FromOliSamBaptismOliCamera (9).JPG 3-20-2005FromOliSamBaptismOliCamera (10).JPG
3-20-2005FromOliSamBaptismOliCamera (12).JPG
Fr Parisi, Alli, Dave, Sam, Dan and Leslie.
3-20-2005FromOliSamBaptismOliCamera (13).JPG
Sam is wearing a baptism gown that's 100 years old.  It was
first worn by Kenwood Rohrer (great-grandpa) and later
by Grandpa Bill Rohrer in 1936.
3-20-2005FromOliSamBaptismOliCamera (17).JPG
Fr Parisi, Dave, Alli, Sam, Grandma Oli Rohrer,
Godmother Leslie, Auntie Pam, Godfather Dan.
3-20-2005FromOliSamBaptismOliCamera (19).JPG
Fr Parisi and Samuel August Krug.
Please be faithful to pray for Sammy.
Proverbs 3:5-6
3-20-2005FromOliSamBaptismOliCamera (20).JPG 3-20-2005FromOliSamBaptismOliCamera (21).JPG
Godparents, with Sammy's mom, Alli, in the middle.
3-20-2005FromOliSamBaptismOliCamera (23).JPG
Godmother Leslie and Sam.
3-20-2005FromOliSamBaptismOliCamera (24).JPG
Auntie Pam, an amazing grandma herself.
3-20-2005FromOliSamBaptismOliCamera (25).JPG
Grandma Oli, loving her new role!
Back in the car seat to head home.

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