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Coronado to Poulsbo!
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12-28-2004LoadingInCoronadoRain (1).JPG

12-28-2005 Loading up in a Coronado rain storm.
12-28-2004LoadingInCoronadoRain (2).JPG

Shouldn't I be in a box?

Saying "good bye" to Coronado.

. . . and "good bye" to San Diego.

12-31-2005LayoverAtMom's (1).JPG

A few days layover at Mom's while the moving van
loads other folks, and the weather clears over the
Tejon and Siskiyou passes.
12-31-2005LayoverAtMom's (2).JPG

Creative chefs provide . . .

. . . treats and eats at Oli's.

1-3-2005 Driving up.  The day after passing though Tejon pass,
a monster storm dumped 3 feet of snow, closing I-5 for
a whole day!
1-22-2005PoulsboHome (46).JPG

The new area --- 1.7 miles from Dave and Alli's new home.
1-22-2005PoulsboHome (47).JPG

Poulsbo Harbor.  Olympic Mountains.
1-22-2005PoulsboHome (48).JPG

Quaint downtown.  Fifteen-minute walk from home.
History is at : 


1-22-2005PoulsboHome (49).JPG

Poulsbo from across Liberty Bay.
1-22-2005PoulsboHome (50).jpg

Dave and Alli's new development at the top of the hill.
1-22-2005PoulsboHome (51).jpg

Another of Poulsbo Harbor.

1-22-2005 How did this photo get ahead of the others?  Oh well,
every home should have a deck, and this one has two.
1-22-2005PoulsboHome (42).JPG 1-22-2005PoulsboHome (43).jpg

A really nice neighbor lives on the right.
1-22-2005PoulsboHome (44).JPG

The back, overlooking the Olympic Mountains.
1-22-2005PoulsboHome (45).JPG

Looking across the street from the front porch.
1-22-2005PoulsboHome (52).JPG
Front door and entry hall.  The left opening is the library;
right opening is hall to garage door,  laundry fold-out
doors, and guest bath, and door on right is the coat closet.
1-22-2005PoulsboHome (54).jpg

Photo taken from the entry hall.
IMGP2197.JPG olycrop.jpg

From both floors, the view is spectacular.  Great photos, Dave!

1-9-2005PoulsboHome (55).jpg

January 9th, "Before".

Obviously . . . this is "After."

January 6th "Before".
1-22-2005PoulsboHome (56).jpg

Yup, you got it . . . "After".
1-22-2005PoulsboHome (57).jpg

1-22-2005PoulsboHome (58).JPG

Door on left is to MBR. 
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