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Coronado to Poulsbo!
1-22-2005PoulsboHome (59).JPG

Looking from the fireplace.
1-22-2005PoulsboHome (60).JPG

Also looking from the fireplace.
1-22-2005PoulsboHome (61).JPG

Again!  . . . from the fireplace.
1-22-2005PoulsboHome (62).JPG

From the kitchen.  Deck on the other side of the table.
1-22-2005PoulsboHome (63).JPG

Still on 1st floor.  MBR behind fireplace wall.

1-22-2005PoulsboHome (64).jpg

MBR with Sam's little bed waiting for him.  Doorway
goes to living room and kitchen area.
1-22-2005PoulsboHome (65).JPG

Taken from MBR windows into bath and closet.
1-22-2005PoulsboHome (66).jpg

Behind the wall of mirrors is a closet to die for!  OK, and
that's me (Alli's mom) with the camera in the mirror.
1-22-2005PoulsboHome (67).JPG

The commode has its own room.
1-22-2005PoulsboHome (68).JPG

Here's the closet I mentioned  -- it's HUGE!
1-22-2005PoulsboHome (69).JPG

Here's part of Dave's side . . .
1-22-2005PoulsboHome (70).JPG

Closets everywhere!  Sam has much of this one.  The
doorway on the right looks in to the MBR.
1-22-2005PoulsboHome (71).JPG

Sammy, you were due today (Jan. 22) and
everyone is waiting excitedly!  :)
1-22-2005PoulsboHome (72).JPG

Still on the 1st floor.  This is the library, just to the right
as you enter the front door.
1-22-2005PoulsboHome (73).JPG

Here's the laundry, with a door on the left
(out of view) to the garage, and a door on
the right to a guest bath.
1-22-2005PoulsboHome (74).JPG

1-22-2005PoulsboHome (75).JPG

Sam, you're teasing us!  It was supposed to be today,
January 22.
1-22-2005PoulsboHome (76).JPG

Both cars have room inside!  That's a first, I do believe!
1-22-2005PoulsboHome (77).JPG

Yes, she lifted way too much in her 9th month!
But the garage looks great.  Door into the mud
room-laundry area.
1-22-2005PoulsboHome (78).JPG

Ready to go downstairs?
1-22-2005PoulsboHome (79).JPG

Caffrey's new Poulsbo pose --- check out those back footies!
1-22-2005PoulsboHome (81).jpg

Family room and office --- huge!  Even has room for
the erg (rowing machine) on the right.
1-22-2005PoulsboHome (82).JPG

A new DVD cabinet (thanks to Dave's assembly), Sam's
room on the left, and deck #2 on the right.
1-22-2005PoulsboHome (83).JPG

Office area of the family room.

1-22-2005PoulsboHome (80).JPG

Another view of the down deck and woods.
1-22-2005PoulsboHome (84).JPG

Another view into Sam's room.  I (Oli) got a
little redundant here, didn't I!
1-22-2005PoulsboHome (85).JPG

Sam's room, when he gets big enough to leave the MBR.
1-22-2005PoulsboHome (86).JPG

Great view for Sam.  Windows everywhere!
1-22-2005PoulsboHome (87).JPG

From Sam's room toward the family room/office.
1-22-2005PoulsboHome (92).JPG

Downstairs hall with bath on left and
guest bedroom on right.
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