Emerald Heights

Wednesday, September 2, 1998

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Tom, Pris, Beth and Norm Peterson, Cathie, Tam, Ann, Bill, Marisa

Cathie, Georgia, Tam

Far L to R: Georgia, Tam, Ann, Bill, Marisa, and Joshua

Cathie, Georgia, Tam, Oli, Ann, and in the foreground is Norm Peterson.

Beth and Norm, Cathie, Georgia and Tam
Joshua, Jarrett, Tam, Oli, Ann, Bill
Pris, Beth and Norm
Pris, Beth and Norm, Tam
Marisa and Marc, Joshua and Jarrett
Joshua, Jarrett , Maryl  and Tom

   Alf's son, Tam

Alf's dtr Ann Moody Dumond
and Bill

Jarrett Dumond

   Joshua Dumond

Georgia, Tom's mom
Alf's dtr Maryl Moody Foster
and Tom

Marisa Foster

    Marc Foster
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